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What does the Modern Slavery Act mean for brand protection?

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Sadly modern day slavery still exists around the world and can often be found several tiers down in UK supply chains. New legislation requires business to both take more action and gain further visibility over their supply chains. 

Find out how the Modern Slavery Act (2015) will impact your brand protection.

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The cost of doing nothing

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How can ignoring supply chain management cost your business money? Those who do not address risks within their supply chains face alarming financial implications, including lower sales and higher costs.

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How to make your garment supply chain ethical

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After the Rana Plaza factory collapse and the introduction of the Modern Slavey Act (2015), new legislation requires business to take more action in regards to identifying and tackling modern day slavery in their supply chains.

Find out how your business can prepare with our free guide: How to make your supply chain ethical.

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How to report on modern slavery in the supply chain

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Does your company need to comply with new reporting legislation as part of the Modern Slavery Act? With the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act (2015), any business with the turnover of £36m must take steps to tackle modern slavery in their supply chains.

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Supply Chain Transparency: A simple guide

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In a rapidly evolving global economy, it’s never been more necessary for businesses to gain full transparency over their supply chains.

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