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Rebate maximisation in the manufacturing supply chain


The problem: Rebate in a multi-tier manufacturing supply chain

Brands can leak 85% of rebate without correct care.

Brands and retailers can leak up to 85% of rebate without correct care.

Being unable to enforce manufacturer compliance or to track the actual rebate entitlement from each nominated supplier, brands can leak up to 85% of their rebate entitlement.

Today brands must rely upon a trust system for rebate declaration from across their supply chain, meaning full rebate entitlement is often not achieved by the brand. The two principle causes of this are: 

  • Suppliers not ordering from nominated suppliers, therefore that rebate not being accrued from those nominated suppliers.
  • Nominated suppliers under declaring rebates due based on goods supplied, therefore that rebate not being paid where due.
The Solution

The solution:

Segura is able to monitor the full journey of every order placed, giving the brand or retailer a clear view of movement through the manufacturing supply chain of every component, every time. By showing the correct components are being ordered and that they are coming from approved sources, Segura provides definitive evidence that nominated suppliers are being used.

Visibility of this enables Segura to precisely calculate rebate entitlement from any approved and nominated supplier, removing the need for a client to rely on supplier self-declaration. 

Key benefits at a glance

X5 Up to 5x increase in rebate collection

Time Reduction in time spent calculating entitlement

Chart Access to better volume discounts

Shirt Ensure use of high quality and ethical components

Arrow Real time dashboard reports

Challenge us to improve your rebate collection.

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