We're passionate about what we do, and who we work with
creating ethical sustainable and compliant supply chains


Segura is a UK based company, founded in 2012, to combine digital expertise with detailed knowledge of global supply chains, in order to create a simple-to-use business solution. Today, the business delivers market leading solutions to retailers and brands, focused on helping them to achieve ethical, sustainable and compliant multi-tiered supply chains. The business operates and develops its technology through its team based in Loughborough, Leicester and Poland.



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Technology and innovation are core to Segura’s mission. Without them, we would stand little chance of helping our customers to reduce the impact of their supply chains on the world and improving the lives of the people who work in the factories that produce their goods. However, while technology is a great enabler of change, it's the people who drive that change through. I am really proud to work with great people in the businesses that we support. I am even more proud of the superb team of people we have here at Segura. They strive each day to deliver world-class solutions to meet today’s growing challenges and are a true inspiration.

Peter Needle, Segura Founder & President

Segura works with some of the biggest names on the UK high-street, delivering  ethical and sustainable supply chains to more than 5,000 users in 80 countries across the globe. If you'd like to hear more about Segura, you can contact us.

Our values

Our values reflect what we stand for as a business, and who we are as individuals.

Committed to our customers

We work to ensure the success of our customers.


We work to the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.


We work to provide outstanding solutions and service, always.


We value each other, we encourage, develop and reward equally.


We are accountable to deliver on our commitments.


We are driven and have a will to win in every aspect of our business.

vision and MIssion

Our vision is to make the world a better place by doing everything we can to ensure that all supply is ethical, sustainable and effectively managed.

Our mission is to support the world’s multi-tiered  supply chains, to facilitate ethical and sustainable sourcing for every business. This gives our customers the ability to effectively support their suppliers and ensure that their multi-tier supply chain has minimal impact on society and the environment.

what we do

For businesses that need greater control, compliance and visibility across their global multi-tier supply chain, Segura is the only solution that maps and tracks orders all the way through supply chains. Ensuring that all supply is ethical, sustainable and monitored, driving compliance through our unique order-based reporting.

Unlike other providers, Segura captures a 360-degree view of each supplier that you interact with, directly and indirectly, giving you the full picture.


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