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Segura delivers Powerful reporting

Historically, supply chain information and relationships have been captured and managed across several teams and databases; some used for mapping, some for compliance and so on. In today's world with large globally dispersed, multi-tier supply chains, combining data to gain deeper insights into your supply chain is imperative to success.

Segura’s powerful data capture and reporting capabilities provides full visibility, validation and control over your entire supply chain to n-tier. It will efficiently map and manage all supplier, compliance and supply chain data, in one place, ensuring that all suppliers are both ethical and sustainable.


Segura DPP Solution

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Multi-tier supply chain mapping tools

Segura's powerful reporting tool combines all of your supplier data into one central location.

With Segura, you can directly visualise and validate the relationships between all suppliers within your supply chain. As information is captured and confirmed our powerful reporting tool allows you to drill into supplier connections, providing you with actionable insights into your global, multi-tiered supply chain with ease. Segura provides detailed visibility and transparency, by mapping your multi-tiered supply chain helping to improving efficiencies in supplier management.

Supplier mapping

Supplier Scorecards

Combining all supplier, order and compliance information allows you to segment your data in any way you require, putting you firmly in the driving seat. Segura builds fully comprehensive supplier scorecards, allowing your teams to work more efficiently and effectively, focusing their efforts on suppliers that require additional support or improvement.

Ssegura supplier scorecard

Segura is flexible per user, allowing the ability to build both individual and group reports to share with other team members, ensuring everyone has the information that they need at the right time. Segura can empower your whole organisation to explore and learn from the data that you capture, without the need to depend on developers or analysts. Holding all order, supplier and compliance information centrally allows you to ensure your supply chain is ethical and sustainable, whilst actively preventing and mitigating any risks.

Segura provides us with the transparency and traceability we need to ensure our supply chain is ethical, sustainable and efficient – essentially fit for the future. Segura allows us to measure our supply chain performance and ESG credentials, identify risk, and underpin our buying decisions with robust data. Segura’s built-in BI reporting tool means we can quickly and easily meet our reporting requirements without the overhead of managing multiple spreadsheets. Having the Segura platform is a big win for both our Sustainability efforts and our Buying teams and demonstrates our commitment made through River Island’s The Kind Society initiative.

Phil Cooke, Chief Product Officer, River Island

Driving ethical and sustainable compliance

Capturing data through Segura is easy and ensuring ethical and sustainable compliance becomes second nature. Segura delivers all supply chain data and analytics through insightful dashboards and reports allowing you to search, summarise and organise the information as you require it. Investigating commercial questions around compliance, location and volume very easy to uncover.

Segura is powerful enough to provide a holistic view of the business whilst allowing individual users to delve further into the data, facilitating a deeper understand of your multi-tier supply chain beyond a map of locations. Having clear visibility of all of your connected data, coupled with the ability to segment and drill into each element for further analysis, is invaluable when setting strategic targets for the future.




Through mitigating supply chain risks, preventing supply chain disruptions and managing legislative compliance, you are protecting your business' image and reputation and with the rise in today's conscious consumer, this is incredibly important. Research by Julia Hartmann and Sabine Benoit suggests that consumers do not differentiate between members of the supply chain when it comes to poor supplier behaviours. Instead, they hold the focal firm responsible for everything that occurs in the supply chain and this could result in bad word-of-mouth or even boycotting in some cases.


Not only can our platform be financially beneficial to business through risk mitigation but confirmed suppliers and order volumes means that brands and retails can accurately calculate rebate entitlement and gain access to increased volume discounts in the future.


The confirmed location of your suppliers gives you the power to mitigate supply chain disruptions and build effective contingency plans should a natural disaster or other supply chain failure occur. By doing this, you can ensure minimal disruption to your operations and keep your speed-to-market competitive.


Unauthorised subcontracting often occurs unbeknown to retailers and brands, therefore lacking control when supplied with products of inferior quality or counterfeit items. With production tracking and the ability to identify where your products are you can avoid being supplied with these poor-quality products. 


The document management aspect of the system means that you have the ability to distribute your business' code of conduct, ethical and sustainability policies and initiatives like ACT across your entire global supply chain. This is done in a way that cannot be ignored, enabling you to identify non-compliant suppliers and have the insight required to source ethically and sustainably.

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