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Segura is powerful

From simple supplier mapping and understanding, through to full transactional track and trace, we ensure you get the right products, from the right sources, at the right time. Segura gives you the visibility you need to regain control and reduce risk in your supply network.

See your supply chain more clearly

Segura’s cloud-based platform allows businesses to understand, map, monitor and control their supply chains, helping them to mitigate risk and save money.

Segura is cost-effective

With a simple pricing model, Segura is affordable for businesses of all sizes. Our powerful solution helps you to increase efficiency, reduce overheads and manage rebate.

Segura is fast and simple to adopt

Segura is quick and easy to set up and deploy. The platform can be integrated with existing audit and compliance solutions, as well as ERP and PLM systems, so you can gain real-time insights into your supply chain without reinventing the wheel.

Our supply chain stretches across the globe, so it was difficult to gain a real picture of what was going on at any given time. With Segura we’ve been able to see exactly how our orders are moving through the supply chain. It’s made it easy to spot areas of improvement and we’ve already seen a clear return on investment.
Procurement Director
Highstreet Retail Chain

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