Segura's Digital Product Passport

A view of all of the components and suppliers within a product's supply chain

A Retailer'S solution for the conscious consumer

Until recently, consumers have made their purchasing decisions based solely on what they like, but consumer behaviour has changed. Now the focus is not just about what the eye can see but also the desire to purchase from retailers that have the same values when it comes to people and the planet. Through Segura, our retail clients already have visibility, validation and control over their manufacturing supply chain. Now, with Seguras Digital Product Passport, consumers can view their products' sustainable and ethical credentials.



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Segura's Digital Product Passport (DPP)

Our Digital Product Passport Module allows retailers to share and evidence the provenance of their products. Growing legislation, including the introduction of the EU's Digital Product Passport, and consumer demand for sustainably and ethically sourced products is resulting in a new wave of information sharing. Through Segura, our retailer clients are already capturing and validating their supplier and product data to n-tier, gaining full transparency and traceability across their multi-tier, global supplier network. Now with Segura, a unique item or product-level QR code can be generated and shared directly with customers. Retailers can select the relevant data and evidence they have collected and display it to the customer whether, they are in-store, at home or online.

Segura DPP supply chain view
This not only gives the retailer the opportunity to promote all the good work they are doing to deliver sustainable products from ethical suppliers but supports the customer in their buying decisions.

Why a Digital Product Passport?

Trust, confidence and compliance

The ability to share and track where your products are, who is making them and who is supplying the components can build trust and confidence with your customers. Upcoming legislation will also require more evidence and data sharing from retailers; part of that will be to make more data available to your customers publicly.

Segura's DPP is linked to the product directly, it can be accessed from your website, or scanned via a QR code printed on the care label.

Segura DPP matched product view

Merchandising opportunities

As an added extra, Segura's DPP has the ability to pair and recommend additional products to the consumer and link them through their eCommerce site, potentially resulting in increased sales conversions

Competitive advantageCPProductView

With more and more consumers considering sustainability when buying products and research proving that sales of products with ESG-related claims are growing faster than those that do not, presenting your ‘green’ and ethical credentials can drive top-line growth. Combining Segura’s core platform that provides the transparency, data and evidence needed to robustly underpin their ESG claims with our new DPP module can help retailers realise this sales growth, whilst mitigating the risk of ‘greenwashing’.

What can be displayed through Segura's Digital Product Passport Module?

As Segura interacts directly with your component suppliers for each order throughout your multi-tier supply chain, the Segura DPP always displays the most up-to-date information for every product and component. We take the data captured through Segura's other modules and automatically populate the information to be displayed via Seguras DPP Module.

Through Seguras DPP you will be able to:


How do I start using Segura's Digital Product Passport?

The Digital Product Passport capabilities are available to brands and retailers who are using the core Segura platform to map their supply chain and as a central repository for supplier management and all your ESG-related data and evidence. This includes third-party data sources, such as a PLM. Altogether this enables global, multi-tier supply chain transparency, compliance and reporting.

The commercial benefits are huge. Your first step is to drop us a line and we'll be delighted to book a demo call.


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