Why Segura?

Improving the world, one supply chain at a time

SEGURA works with YOU

A sustainable and ethical supply chain is within reach! Segura captures and maps all data within your multi-tier supply chain, providing you with powerful reporting for actionable insight. With Segura you can, confirm and validate who you source from, drive ethical and sustainable compliance, or even clarify areas for efficiency savings. Through unique order based capture and reporting, Segura provides you with the solution to gain the visibility that you need to take control.

Who we are

At Segura, we’re passionate about enabling businesses to create sustainable and ethical supply chains that maximise their business operations, efficiencies and processes. We are an innovative software provider, created with the aim to combine digital expertise with detailed knowledge of global supply chains, in order to deliver a simple-to-use but compelling business solution.

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What we do

Segura solutions enables you to connect and capture your multi-tier, global supply chain, providing you with a single, reportable version of the truth. Segura is the only solution to use order based reporting to capture and validate your suppliers, driving sustainable and ethical compliance at every level. Our solutions are underpinned by our powerful reporting and analytics tool which provides up to date reports and alerts.

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Why we do it

Market dynamics have changed and businesses now need greater visibility and control of their multi-tier supply chain network and processes. Our solution works to make this possible and if we can create a better world whilst doing it, why wouldn't we? Collaboration is a huge part in solving ongoing global problems like modern slavery and sustainability, which is why we take pride in all of our relationships.

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