Ethical and sustainable supply chain managment

A Powerful Supply chain management SOLUTION

We’ve broken down our solution into three core areas: Order Manager, Supplier Manager and Compliance Manager.

Our solution is flexible, we will work with you to select the best route forward for your business, allowing you to focus on your direct and initial needs. Then as your needs grow, so does the solution, efficiently and effectively. Each area can operate independently, so as you implement Segura it will naturally grow over time with your needs to work seamlessly, forming a full and powerful supply chain management solution, whilst remaining simple to use and navigate. 

Underpinning the solution is our powerful reporting and analytics tool, providing you with a single version of the truth, enabling you to drive sustainable and ethical compliance whilst allowing you to review, understand, segment and delve into every element of your entire global multi-tier supplier and sourcing network.

Order Manager

Powering your multi-tier supply chain, delivering full validation and visibility of your global network, controlling all orders that flow through it. Providing extensive order based validation, data and insight. Enabling you to drive ethical and sustainable compliance through powerful reporting and analytics.

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Supplier Manager

Capturing your multi-tier supplier and sourcing network, mapping your connections to obtain deep insight into your global supply chain. Delivering visibility and transparency through supplier maps, document management with multi-tier supply chain manufacturer capture and supplier communications.

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Compliance Manager

Meet your business and ESG standards by capturing all multi-tier compliance data in one centralised location. Successful management of audit and inspection reports, CAP and supplier scorecards. Actionable insights driving ethical, sustainable and legislative compliance.

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