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What is supply chain transparency, and is it the same as traceability?
Supply chain transparency means having a 360° view of your multi-tier supply chain. It can involve sharing information with your customers and declaring a supplier list.

Supply chain traceability, however, is the ability to trace your products and its components through each of the multiple tiers of the supply chain, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you know where you're sourcing from. The only way to gain true transparency is through traceability.
How does Segura help with rebate entitlement?

Segura logs and monitors the orders that flow through the platform with your pre-approved suppliers and subcontractors. This ensures that all rebates are calculated alongside each transaction, meaning no more guesswork. You can have confidence that you are only buying from sustainable and ethical suppliers, as approved by you – with no surprises.

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How long does the Segura onboarding process take?

Becoming a Segura customer depends on the size, and the number of suppliers you want to onboard. Our process is designed to be as smooth as possible, with our average implementation taking around 8 to 12 weeks.

We already have thousands of suppliers in more than 80 countries using the Segura platform, so you'll probably find some of yours there too! 

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Can I use Segura to map my supply chain?
Yes, but supplier mapping is just one small part of the Segura platform – you can do so much more! Our Solutions gives you the power to capture your entire multi-tier supply chain, in one centralised location, and automatically plots all of their locations on an interactive map.

You can find out more about Seguras solutions here.
I already have an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, do I need Segura?

Yes, you do! ERP platforms are great, but they don't cover the whole multi tier supply chain. Segura traces all sourcing within your supply chain, creating an online audit trail and alerting you to any orders if they are fulfilled outside of a pre-approved supplier database.

The good news is, Segura can integrate with your existing ERP and PLM systems to give you maximum control and transparency. 

I already have a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform, do I need Segura?
Yes, you do! Used alone, PLM systems cannot guarantee that a final article will meet its given specifications, as no authority is in place, forcing manufacturers to use pre-approved suppliers.

The good news is, Segura can integrate with your existing ERP and PLM systems to give you maximum control and transparency.
Does Segura use blockchain technology?

Simply, no we don't. Blockchain is a valuable technology and it certainly has its uses in today's connected world, but it is not without its challenges. You can read more about our stance on blockchain here.

Will I get training on how to use the system?

Absolutely! The training will be dependent on your individual needs and you can always book future sessions if you have new starters or want to delve a little deeper. We will also provide system guides for all users, together with 'how-to' guides and support for your suppliers in their use.

The system, the help files and the guides are all fully translated into your suppliers native language, making it as easy to use as possible.

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How easy is it to use Segura, do you hold workshops?
Segura is built around usability; our system should ease the entire process and make managing sourcing sustainable and ethcial suppliers, the relationships with those suppliers or your orders simple and easy. We understand that not everyone is savvy when it comes to software, so we provide a range of training options from; one to one, classroom style, video work-throughs to online or in person workshops.
Will I have support once I am up and running?
Yes, we have a dedicated support help desk manned by our ‘Segurus' who are on hand to help you or your suppliers with any questions or queries.
Will you work with me? I want to start smaller and expand?

Yes, the beauty of our solution is that it grows with you. We do reccomend that you take a selection of suppliers to onboard first, work out the best route for your organisation and expand from there. We are confident that once you see how powerful it can be, you will see the benefit pretty quickly and expansion happens quickly and naturally.

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Who onboards my suppliers?

During the implementation phase, we will work with you to define the best and most efficient way of onboarding your suppliers, and support this process from start to finish.

Will Segura help me with reporting?

Yes, Segura has a very powerful analytics and reporting tool, giving you a real actionable insights. We will work with you to provide all the information your require, that may currently be difficult to collate, at the push of a button!

I am already a member of Sedex, why would I need Segura?
That's great! Like you, we believe that audits are essential in the modern world.

Segura gives you a much deeper insight into who is within your extended supply chain. By validating the suppliers within your supply chain, you can know that you're auditing the right ones. We believe in "going beyond the audit'' - if you would like to learn more of the benefits of this take a look at our blog.
How will Segura help me reach my sustainability goals?
With Segura all purchase orders through the entire chain are logged and monitored. This ensures only audited and approved suppliers can be used and help you mitigate the risk of unauthorised subcontracting.
Is Segura only for the retail sector?
Segura is a powerful and effective solution for any business with a globally dispersed supply chain. If you are a business that needs to gain better control and understanding into who is supplying your components, whatever they are, then we are the solution for you - regardless of your industry.
How much does the platform cost?

The cost represents the number of supplier locations that you onboard to the platform. We offer monthly, quarterly or annual subscription models to suit your needs and budget.

Instead of giving you a hefty cost upfront, we look at your requirements, the number of supplier locations and time required to implement. We then spread all of this across the first year and charge from the point of project kick off. We find this way of spreading the costs works well for everyone.

If you want to know more please get in touch, we can discuss your requirements and provide a quotation.

How many customers do you have?
We mention a few of our customers on our website but some of them are modest. We respect our customer right to privacy and so we don't publish a full customer list. We are a global business with thousands of users in 80 countries around the world. Why not visit our customers page to learn more, or get in touch for more information.


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