Historically, supply chain relationships have been built on trust, but in today's world with large globally dispersed supply chains and the need to evidence compliance, trust is no longer enough. Through Segura, you can achieve full visibility, validation and control over your entire manufacturing supply chain. You can now efficiently manage all orders and track fulfilment, in one place.



Need help mapping your connections across a globally dispersed supply chain? Find out how our Supplier Manager module can help you.



Our Order Manager module enables you to process, view and manage all orders within your supply chain. At any moment, you can track where your orders are in real-time and track pay-to-play rebate entitlement. We are able to do this by capturing and processing the transactional data between you and your suppliers and status of your orders, thus delivering full visibility and validation of your entire global network and all of the orders that flow through it.

Through Order Manager, you can also create assets, view artwork, manage approval cycles and much more; the power is in your hands.

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Speed-to-market plays a huge part in business, beating competition to the mark, in an attempt to become the trend-setter and ultimately generate a larger number of sales. With today's complex global supply chains, speed-to-market has become harder to guarantee, businesses are often faced with late deliveries or other supply chain disruptions. Knowing where your products are made and shipped from can be hugely beneficial to preventing, mitigating and avoiding any disruptions.


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Not only is speed-to-market an important focus, but according to ELEVATE, experts estimates suggest that anywhere between 40-60% of vendors and factories in China subcontract without prior authorisation, therefore retailers and brands lack control when supplied with products of inferior quality or counterfeit items. The ability to track where your products are, who is making them and who is supplying the components can help you to identify these unauthorised subcontractors who may be supplying products of inferior quality, before it's too late.

The competitiveness of the retail industry can make it financially challenging; many brands and retailers have been reviewing and cutting costs to be able to offer the lowest price possible. It is vitally Important to ensure that nominated suppliers are fully utilised. This can also have a big Impact on the rebates collected as you could be leaking up to 85% of rebate.


Once you're set up and your suppliers have completed their registration, you can send your purchase orders through the system, directly to your suppliers. You then have full visibility of all of the orders your supplier makes to their suppliers; if the number of components or labels, for example, matches the number required for the purchase order you have confirmation that your suppliers aren't subcontracting without authorisation. However, it's important to note that this will not be the case all of the time, as suppliers may have back stock of a certain component, for example, and will not need to order more, but this can be managed through our inventory management functionality.

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Within our platform you're able to monitor your suppliers' orders to their suppliers, their artwork, and review, accept or reject approval cycles, of every single asset, before they're able to dispatch the order. Through full visibility of all orders, confirmed suppliers and order volumes you are able to accurately calculate, monitor and collect your full rebate entitlement. 



Through mitigating supply chain risks, preventing supply chain disruptions and managing legislative compliance, you are protecting your business' image and reputation and with the rise in today's conscious consumer, this is incredibly important. Research by Julia Hartmann and Sabine Benoit suggests that consumers do not differentiate between members of the supply chain when it comes to poor supplier behaviours. Instead, they hold the focal firm responsible for everything that occurs in the supply chain and this could result in bad word-of-mouth or even boycotting in some cases.


Not only can our platform be financially beneficial to business through risk mitigation but confirmed suppliers and order volumes means that brands and retails can accurately calculate rebate entitlement and gain access to increased volume discounts in the future.


By locating your suppliers you’re able to build effective contingency plans, should a supply chain disruption occur and the ability to track your products in real-time gives you the power to implement this contingency plan before it's too late. This ultimately results in minimal disruption - keeping your speed-to-market a competitive one.

Risk Mitigation

The confirmed location of your suppliers gives you the power to mitigate supply chain disruptions and build effective contingency plans should a natural disaster or other supply chain failure occur. By doing this, you can ensure minimal disruption to your operations and keep your speed-to-market competitive.


Unauthorised subcontracting often occurs unbeknown to retailers and brands, therefore lacking control when supplied with products of inferior quality or counterfeit items. With production tracking and the ability to identify where your products are you can avoid being supplied with these poor-quality products. 


Underpinning each module is the Segura reporting & analytics tool, which gives you a single version of the truth. This powerful functionality allows you to review and understand every element of your entire global supplier and sourcing network whilst identify opportunities for improvement.


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