At Segura, we strongly believe that our Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) is much more than just ticking the right boxes in a policy document. Here, CSR is about really getting involved and doing something to protect and sustain the environment and making a positive contribution to society.

At Segura our CSR policy was borne out of a desire to formalise the good practice and attitudes already inherent in our staff, to share them with our customers and our environment for the benefit of all.

Our policy has three strands; how to care for our environment, how to make a difference socially and how to consider these issues in our commercial relationships.


Our aims are to minimise the impact of our business on the environment, to have a positive effect on society and work with other organisations who embrace these and similar objectives. We aim to use natural resources responsibly, to engage with our community positively and to encourage and educate our employees in these goals.


We recycle all possible office materials such as paper, plastic and printer cartridges.

Staff are encouraged and rewarded for being ‘green commuters’; each member of staff has access to the Cycle to Work scheme through our staff benefits partners, Perkbox.

Segura also takes advantage of a shared building; we are also reducing our overall impact by sharing electricity, water and reducing the overall footprint. The building itself uses innovative ways to cool and heat the workspace, keeping energy impacts to a minimum.


Our office is located within close proximity to the National Forest, from 2018 and for each year moving forward, we have committed to planting a tree for every employee in the nearby Forest, to offset our carbon emissions as we continue to work towards a carbon neutral status. We also ask that staff members attend the planting and plants their own tree!

Staff are also encouraged to get involved with voluntary work either locally or nationally and are granted up to 3 volunteering days each per year. The staff are really able to commit and get involved to help a charity of their choice, a community project or even assist at their child’s school. Aside from that we also engage with our local school, Delisle, to assist in the education and career development of their students.

At Segura we also elect and supports both local and UK based charities through corporate memberships, fundraising and donations. We also offer to match (up to £100) the fundraising efforts of our employees, for any of their preferred charities.


Travel is a necessity. Whilst we want to go and see our customers,  we are aware of the environmental impacts this can have so we are introducing strategies to cut down on unnecessary car use, improve fuel efficiency and look at CO2 emissions and fuel economy for all new cars. 

Our CSR policy is something that we are continually developing and integrating with more of our business. On an ongoing basis:

  • We will work towards formalising guidelines relating to how we wish to assess the environmental and ethical impact of the organisations we work with – both suppliers and customers.
  • We are investigating British Standards relating to environmental management systems (BS8555) and other standards relating to CSR and business ethics.

We know that other organisations share our desire to promote positive attitudes and as such we are keen to hear your suggestions on how we might develop our policy further, or discuss with you, how we have gone about implementing our policies.