Segura works for you

Whether you simply want to confirm who you source from, identify areas for efficiency savings or ensure your supply chain is ethical, Segura provides you with the visibility you need to take control of your supply chain.

Monitor Orders

Once your supply chain is integrated with Segura, you can start placing orders through the platform. Segura allows you to track the process down from your initial purchase order, meaning that only nominated suppliers can be contracted to provide components.

If an order is not met by a nominated supplier, the system will notify you, helping you to identify unauthorised subcontracting and prevent supplier non-compliance.

Track Fulfilment

Supply chain delays can be costly, so it’s important to be able to spot any issues early on. With Segura you can track fulfilment of every order, so you know exactly what has been shipped and when. Triggered alerts will let you know when key production dates are approaching and certain items have not been received.

Being able to spot problems as they occur, and taking steps to prevent them, will soon mean that you’re making fewer expensive last-minute shipments.

Map Your Supply Chain

It’s often hard to know exactly who makes up a brand’s supply chain.

You probably have a list of trusted tier one suppliers and maybe even request that components are only sourced from selected tier two or three businesses. But what about further down? Who do your suppliers buy from?

With today’s supply chains more complicated and wide-reaching than ever, Segura helps brands to gain a real overview of where they buy from.

Don't Change Your System, Add Segura

Segura benefits from an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which allows real-time integration, as required, with existing systems at all tiers of the supply chain. This fully automated transactional layer means you don’t have to stop using your existing ERP or PLM software - you can continue to manage your supply chain as usual, while Segura collates the information it needs.

Be sure in Segura

Our cloud-based platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services, which means it’s scalable, cost-effective and secure. Users can access the portal from anywhere in the world, so it’s just as effective, whether your suppliers are based in Dhaka or Doncaster.