River Island & Segura finalists in Draper's Sustainable Fashion Awards

  • Written by Laura Houghton
  • Published on 15 February 2024
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As outlined in River Island's last Sustainability Report, the requirement to have clear transparency deep into the supply chain is quickly becoming an industry norm, something that River Island identified several years ago. They joined the Transparency Pledge and the Transparency Index back in 2020, they then partnered with Segura in 2021 to build on and support their continued commitment to improve human rights and sourcing practices within their business and supply chain.

River Island Partnership Image Through Segura, River Island suppliers report at the purchase order level, and give an update on where products and their components are being sourced, as well as a clear picture of all the production processes used in their manufacturing. This means River Islands lower-tier suppliers confirm that they are supplying the component or process, directly within Segura. This provides River Island with the transparency and visibility they require. Segura now forms part of their standard working practices and is supporting River Island to achieve their commitment of delivering 100% transparency of Tiers 1-4. Jose Arguedas, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at River Island said;

Segura provides us with the transparency and traceability we need to ensure our supply chain is ethical, sustainable and efficient – essentially fit for the future. Through our ongoing development and collaboration with Segura, we will continue to work towards our commitment to achieving 100% transparency of Tiers 1-4 and we see Segura as a key software tool in helping us achieve this goal.

Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards launched in 2021 as a way to recognise the strides that are being made in reducing the industry’s environmental impact and creating fairer working conditions across the supply chain. Judged by an independent panel of experts and underpinned by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, this pioneering awards programme shines a spotlight on best practices within the industry, so others can learn how to change for good.

Over the last 12 months, Segura has been working collaboratively with River Island to create a supplier scorecard. River Island’s Ethical Team wanted to find a way to increase transparency and sustainability as well as team alignment to ensure all departments were working towards the same goals (and could see the direct impact their actions had). However, departments were all working with different data and systems for data capture and analysis. Through Segura’s data capture function, River Island has been able to get all of the data in one place and report on it. So now everyone has direct access to the same, up-to-date, information and focus on making positive changes that align with their ESG goals. Jose continued;

The platform allows us to measure our supply chain performance and ESG credentials, identify risk, and underpin our buying decisions with robust data. Segura’s built-in reporting tool has helped to significantly improve our reporting capabilities by reducing our reliance on multiple large spreadsheets. Having the Segura solution is a big win for both our Sustainability efforts and our Buying teams and demonstrates our commitment made through River Island’s ‘The Kind Society initiative’.

The Segura Supplier Scorecard takes data captured throughout the supply chain, from suppliers, and combines it with other data that River Island has across other systems and data points, combining all the information into a business-wide report. This allows River Island teams to view a full picture of the suppliers within their supply chain, including but not limited to; the risks, rewards, and impacts.

The hard work and commitment over the last 12 months from River Island's and Segura's teams are a testament to being shortlisted for two awards; Best use of Technology for good and Best Supply Chain Initiative. River Island and Segura are thrilled to be shortlisted and will continue to work together collaboratively.

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