Supply Chain Visibility in the Cloud

  • Written by Peter Needle
  • Published on 31 January 2019
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If one thing’s for sure, it’s that companies rely on the internet now more than ever. Whether their core operations are run online or team members simply use cloud-based apps to increase productivity, the internet is likely to be THE most used business tool of the coming year.

As organisations become more attuned to the opportunities offered to them by web-based systems, however, they also become more switched on to the complications. It’s not enough for a tool to be well designed, it also needs to be accessible, reliable and secure. These are considerations that we understand at Segura - as businesspeople we share them - and led us to choose Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host our supply chain visibility solution. Here we explain why.

It’s good enough for Amazon

Amazon is best known for its huge online retail business so it may not seem the obvious choice for enterprise technology. What’s not so widely known though is that the brand also boasts the world’s biggest cloud hosting service, with estimates that Amazon Web Services could be worth $350 billion by 2022.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) boasts Netflix, Instagram and the CIA for customers, and, according to Gartner, has ten times the computing capacity of the next 14 players in the market combined. This is all due to the fact that Amazon saw the potential early on and has continued to invest in its services.

The company’s cloud computing infrastructure was first developed to support its retail and logistics operations but, with incredible foresight, Amazon saw the value such a service could offer to other businesses. Its data centres were built both to meet the business’ own needs and as a commercial opportunity, in renting server space to developers.

What this means for Segura customers

Segura’s supply chain visibility software is hosted through AWS for a number of reasons.

As the business grows, we need to ensure that every user is guaranteed access to the system, whenever they need it and wherever they are in the world. AWS provides the scalable infrastructure we need to be able to do just that.

Server capacity can be scaled up or down as required, so we don’t have capacity limitations or set space to fill and can easily work with businesses of all sizes. With no capital expenditure costs, we’re also able to pass savings on to customers, making it cost-effective to implement our system across even the most complex supply chain.

AWS is also responsible for implementing security frameworks and encryptions, as well as taking care of brand protection issues, so customers can be confident that Segura is both reliable and secure.

What this means for customers is that we can focus on continuing to develop and improve our system, without having to invest in building and maintaining huge data centres. And by focusing on what we’re good at, we can help customers of all sizes to gain the real-time insights they need to fulfil orders and achieve true supply chain visibility.

Originally Published 07/01/2016



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