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Consumer Perception and Brand Image

Consumer perception and brand image can affect even the biggest of brands.


The problem: damage to the consumers perception of your brand due to bad practice

Today, consumers are more aware than ever, knowing who your business works with and the impact you have on the people and planet, which can have a big impact on your reputation.

Success is highly dependent on your consumers, and their view on your attitudes towards sustainability and ethics. Consumers are increasingly driving change within by opting for ethical and sustainable brands. In recent years, laws such as the Modern Slavery Act in the UK and the Californian Transparency in Supply Chains Act in the US, have made companies accountable for the working conditions of workers across the supply chain, and consumers are hot on the subject.

This video was produced and published by researchers Julia Hartmann and Sabine Moeller from EBS University of Economics and Law and University of Roehampton Business School.

The saying “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” is definitely true for globally dispersed supply chains.

Businesses can spend hundreds of thousands of pounds each year on factory audits. However, if they cannot guarantee their audited factories are the ones that make their garments, they are still at risk of working with suppliers who do not comply with their values and codes of conduct.

The Solution

The solution:
Uncovering and mapping your global supply chain to mitigate risk and increase consumer confidence

Segura's supply chain management offers brands the ability to track every order every step of the way, giving full transparency through detailed management information & reporting. Specific factory and locations can be identified and you can ensure they comply with your brand standards and codes of conduct. Segura also ensures that garments and components are sourced in preferred, compliant and nominated factories. Knowing exactly who every manufacturer and supplier is for any product and component gives the traceability brands require for compliance and confidence.

Segura works with brands to map their manufacturing supply chains by working with the brand and their existing partners and suppliers to give the best possible coverage.

Supplier information can be captured from multiple sources and stored. Effective order management gives brands a 360° view of their manufacturing supply chain that serves as the basis for any effective ethical sourcing strategy, but most importantly puts you back in control. 

With Segura, you can ensure that you have visibility over your entire supply chain and can therefore confidently comply with legislation, protecting your brand.

Key benefits at a glance

Chain Prove compliance with UK MSA Section 54 and US (/CA) TSCA

Mapping Real time supply chain mapping and reporting

Shield Brand protection through risk mitigation

Cost Increase consumer confidence through transparency

Challenge us to uncover and mitigate risks within your supply chain.

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