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Product quality and compliance in the manufacturing supply chain

Could you increase your product quality and compliance?


The problem: Opaque Manufacturer Sourcing

For retailers and fashion brands that outsource their manufacturing, managing product quality and guaranteeing product compliance across the extended supply chain can seem almost impossible.

Often, problems with poor quality are undetectable until garments reach the merchandising or buying teams – sometimes they’re already on the shelves. By implementing a nominated supplier policy, brands and retailers aim to guarantee quality and accountability. However, manufacturers will too often self-source to unauthorised subcontractors, improving their own margins but reducing the retailer’s visibility and therefore control. This means the finished goods may be of inferior quality or even contain counterfeit components produced in unaudited factories without the brand’s knowledge.

Approval cycles for artwork, chemical compliance and colour tests are managed in multiple portals, spreadsheets and emails. This is time consuming, error-prone and difficult to reconcile back to specific purchase orders – so miscommunication, errors and disputes occur. This can result in production delays, additional costs for the brand and could result in the products being late to store. 

The Solution

The solution:
Guarantee Provenance, Approvals and Audits

Segura’s order management tracks how every order raised with manufacturers flows through the wider supply chain, so the precise provenance of every component for every product per order can be guaranteed. Segura can be configured to enforce ordering of certain components only from specific suppliers, and will highlight where manufacturers are likely to be ordering from unapproved suppliers. 

Segura is also able to manage multiple approval cycles – dip tests, colour, artwork approval – for each component of each sales order. It can even prevent sales orders being placed by manufacturers with component suppliers until the appropriate approval cycles are complete. 

Manufacturer and supplier certification and audit documentation can not only be collated in one place with Segura, but can be tracked against every factory to ensure orders are only placed with factories with the current compliance documentation. 

Because all approvals and compliance are tracked against each purchase order in a single place, the brand finally has a 30,000-foot view of how their manufacturing supply chain is operating. Segura dashboards and reports provide metrics on supplier performance, making it easy to spot problem suppliers and helping to avoid reputational damage and financial loss.

Key benefits at a glance

1 Single portal improves supplier engagement with approval processes

Track One place to track all approvals and audit trail minimises errors and disputes

Stamp Ensure all approvals are complete before an order can be completed

Award Clear visibility of certifications and audits.

Reporting Management reporting essential for ongoing improvement

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