Ensuring a transparent and ethical supply chain

  • Written by Laura Houghton
  • Published on 16 February 2022
  • PR

Segura partners with Hobbs

Hobbs, the luxury British womenswear brand has partnered with Segura – the leading platform for next-generation supply chain transparency – further strengthening its longstanding commitment and approach to ethical trade. Segura’s solution will enable Hobbs to modernise and improve the quality of its supply chain management, supporting its aim to embed full transparency throughout all tiers in its supply chain.


As part of the TFG London family, Hobbs is aligned to the Group sustainability strategy which is based on UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, ETI Base Code and uses the ETI Human Rights Due Diligence Framework to improve the working conditions for the people in its supply chains.

As an established collaborator since 2019, the TFG London Group have partnered with Segura to support the development of the platform, recognising that the first step to enabling a successful ethical trade programme and decent work is transparency.

Segura’s threefold management platform allows Hobbs to contain all supplier processes within one system that enriches supplier data and tracks updates in real-time, enhances how purchase orders are issued, embedding traceability into the linked trims and labelling requirements, and hosts a compliance suite that enables audits, corrective action plans, policy requirements and communications to be streamlined and automated. Justin Hampshire, Group Managing Director at TFG Brands (London) says;

As a purpose-led business that aims to put people and the planet first, it is important to us to continue to protect the human rights of those who help make and sell our products and services. We take our responsibilities seriously; when we champion higher standards and practices, we can have a real impact on the lives of millions of people across our value chain.*


Francesca Mangano, Head of CSR and Sustainability at TFG Brands (London) commented: "We understand it’s the nature of supply chains to be continuously evolving, but it’s crucial to us to ensure we partner with suppliers who share our values. Our aim for 2022 is to focus on continuing to map our supply base beyond our second tier and the Segura platform will allow us to do this."

Peter Needle, Founder and President at Segura said: We are delighted to partner with Hobbs who share our belief in the importance of building ethical and sustainable businesses. We will continue to support Hobbs with their evolving corporate sustainability targets.”

*Extract from TFG Brands London Limited Modern Slavery Transparency Statement 2020-2021.


Join Hobbs on the path to ethical supply chain transparency

Segura's customers demonstrate how important it is for modern fashion retailers to continously improve their impact on people and the environment within their supply chains. This reflects how savvy consumers are becoming in their choice of clothing brands.

Read more about the commercial benefits of cloud-based supply chain management software or get in touch to arrange a demo of Segura's system.



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