How Segura's interactive, online portal for Supply Chain Mapping, Supplier Management and Audits helps Ted Baker implement its sustainability strategy.


Working together for over a year, Ted Baker and Segura Systems are forging a mutually beneficial relationship that enables Ted Baker to gain deeper insights into their supply chain through Segura’s platform. This case study outlines the relationship, how it works, and the positive outcomes experienced by both companies.



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Ted Baker’s multinational, multichannel presence makes supply chain mapping a key focus for the brand. Since beginning work with Segura, Ted Baker has gained greater visibility of their supply chain by onboarding their first-tier suppliers and using the online platform to begin gathering more details of their second-tier subcontractors. 

We are in the process of onboarding our suppliers to the platform and have begun to reach beyond the first tier. With Segura, we expect to have much more clarity of the connections between our first and second tier suppliers in the near future. We are particularly excited about the map tool which we have begun to use to visualise our supply chain and plan our factory visits more efficiently. Along with this we will soon be able to use factory audit data to identify regional risks and use this to form training plans.

Kate Wakeling
Ted's Conscience Manager

Every Ted Baker supplier registered to Segura is plotted on an interactive supplier map; not only does this give an accurate picture of supplier spread but it also helps multiple teams plan factory visits. During factory visits the platform is easily accessed by Ted Baker’s Ethical team, where they can download the most recent audits or upload factory visit notes.  



Each supplier is set up with a platform login, and through the online portal are able to view Ted Baker’s document library. The library can hold an unlimited number of documents, from supplier manuals to Codes of Conduct. An added benefit of the library is that Ted Baker can send out updates of critical documents and run reports on the suppliers that have or haven’t viewed and acknowledged the changes. 

Kate continues:

Ted Baker is committed to working with all our suppliers in a fair and open way, Segura offers us a tool to strengthen these relationships. The interactive online platform allows us to work even more closely with our suppliers, ensuring that we have up to date information and making it easier to understand and map our supply chain.

Ted Baker chose the Segura platform because of our single portal approach where they will eventually be able to not only manage their supply chain map and document library, but also their audits and audit process from the one platform. The next step will be to begin using the platform to assist with audit management. Suppliers can upload factory audits and CAP evidence as well as log non-conformances and their planned completion dates. Ted Baker will be able to track CAP progress through reports as well as manage audit dates and recurring issues.

Kate concludes:

We selected Segura because they are a passionate and dynamic team and their ability to develop a solution to suit the specific needs of Ted Baker. Their product is flexible enough to fit in with what we want, whilst at the same time, the established core function removes the difficulties with design and upgrade that would come with a completely bespoke product.


Ted Baker is a global lifestyle brand offering menswear, womenswear, accessories and everything in between. It has an international presence, with more than 400 stores worldwide. Ted Baker is focused on meeting their social, environmental and ethical commitments and has implemented a sustainability strategy, 'fashioning a better future' to help them achieve this. 

TED BAKER USE segura for supplier management

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