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Damage Due to Slavery

  • Written by Peter Needle
  • Published on 16 May. 2019
Slavery was officially abolished in the 19th century, but the abolition did not stop slavery all...

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Working at Segura: A Year In

  • Written by Bethany Stevenson
  • Published on 30 Apr. 2019
This month marks my one-year anniversary with Segura, and I’ve come a long way since beginning my...

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Blog, sustainability, sustainable sourcing

How to Go Green in Your Office

  • Written by Bethany Stevenson
  • Published on 26 Mar. 2019
Sustainability is at the forefront of the fashion industry, with increasing pressures from...

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Slavery: Close to Home

  • Written by Laura Wheatley
  • Published on 28 Feb. 2019
When you hear the word “slavery” your mind probably conjures up historic images of men and women...

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A Simple Guide to Production Tracking

  • Written by Laura Houghton
  • Published on 19 Feb. 2019
It’s been nearly five years since we published our first ever blog on production tracking and the...

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Blog, Product quality & compliance

Supply Chain Visibility in the Cloud

  • Written by Peter Needle
  • Published on 31 Jan. 2019
If one thing’s for sure, it’s that companies rely on the internet now more than ever. Whether their...

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